Class [7th] Poems– Windows

Table of Contents

Q 1.  Where does the speaker Walk?Answer : The speaker walks down the long corridor on the way to his classroom.

Q 2. What view he does get from the window of class room ? Is it dull or exciting? Pick out words in support of your answer.

Answer: From the window of the Classroom, he sees elephants on a plain of Africa ,a jet airliner crushing far above the white Clouds, waterfall and icebergs.

Q 3, Why does the family cower in the cave?
Answer: The family cowers in the cave because of the fair of the wild cat.They save themselves from the wild animals.

Q 4. Why is the playground deserted?
Answer: The playground looks deserted because there is no one moving on the ground. Children are busy in classrooms, and it is cold outside.

Q 5.Name the things which the speaker sees in stanza 3.
Answer: The speaker sees the deserted playground, the grey November sky and rows of houses and chimneys of a closed factory.

Q 6: Why is the speaker willing to take the register or messages to the office and the classroom
Answer: Because it gives him a chance of seeing the exciting things again and again.

Q 7. Who is ‘I’ in this poem ?
Answer: ‘I’ is the speaker of the poem and the speaker is a student in this poem.

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