No Men Are Foreign

Table of Contents

Q 1. What does the poet mean by “Uniforms” in the  poem ?

By uniforms the poet means the different dresses that the people wear in different parts of the world.

Q 2. What according to the poet makes all the people alike on the earth ?

According to the poet we live on the same Earth where we enjoy the test of air and water under one sun .
We have the same hands and eyes by which we work and read.

Q 3. What outrages the innocent and beauty of this earth ?

Our wrong deeds, wrong activities, hatred wars out rages the innocence and beauty of this earth.

Q 4. What message do you get from the poem ?

The poem clearly conveys a message of universal brotherhood.Union is always strength. It says that we are not different from each other. We should not hate each other because of caste,colour,religion or gender.

Q 5. Do you find any rhyme Scheme in the poem ?

No, we did not find any  rhyme scheme in this poem.
Q 6. What is the style used by the poet in the poem ?
The poem is written in asimple style. If you look at the structure of the poem, we see it consists of 5 stanzas and every stanza contains four lines

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