Tempest by William Shakespeare

Tempest II by William Shakespeare

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Q 1. What did Miranda at first think Ferdinand was and why? was Ferdinand and Miranda’s love at first sight?

Answer: First Miranda thought was a sprit. He was so young.He was so handsome. Miranda had never seen a young man before so he thought that he could be a sprit. Ferdinand thought she was a fairy. They fell in love at first sight

Q 2. Why did prospero pretended to think that Ferdinand was a spy?

Answer: Prospero was happy to see Miranda and Ferdinand in love. Ferdinand’s love could be false he want to test his love for Miranda so he pretended to think that Ferdinand was a Spy.

Q 3. What was the task did prospero gave Ferdinand?

Answer: Prospero gave Ferdinand the task of piling heavy logs of wood.

Q 4. What made Ferdinand’s labour seem light?

Answer: The presence of Miranda  made Ferdinand’s labour seem light.

Q 5. What were the king and his party doing in the meantime?

Answer: The king and his party were wondering about on the island.They were hungry. They were tired.They saw imaginary food, the trick of Ariel. No sooner did they try to touch it then it disappeared.They were asked by Ariel to repent of their sins against prospero.

Q 6. Why were they amazed to see prospero?

Answer: Prospero had been put into an old and broken ship.It was sure to perish on the sea along with prospero. But here was prospero.He was standing before them in flesh and blood.So they were amazed to see prospero alive they thought he must have been dead.

Q 7. Prospero told the king that he had lost his daughter in the tempest and in a sense he was right.Can you say in what sense?

Answer: Prospero was right in the sense that his daughter had chosen to marry Ferdinand. Once married she would leave her father to live with her husband.

Q 8. Why did prospero give up his magic power?

Answer: Prospero did all he wanted to do with his magic power. He defeated all his enemies.He was able to be re-united with his brother and others. There was no further use of magic so he gave up his magic powers he  burried  the books of magic.

Q 9. What was aerial last service to his master?

Answer: Aerial’s master left for Milan in a ship. It could sail well in favourable winda. Aerial caused favourable winds for his master. This was Aerial’s last service to his master.

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