To Blosooms

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Q1. What Way are the blossoms pledges of the fruitful tree.

Answer: The blossoms are the pledges of the fruitful tree because it is these blossoms who are responsible to bear fruits for a tree. They bloom for a short period of time,fade away and fall down to give
rise to the healthy fruit.

Q2. What is the poet’s wish about blossoms.

Answer: The poet wishes the blossoms to stay for a long tune, bloom with a beautiful smile and then make its way to death.

Q3. What does the by saying ‘why do you fall so fast.
Answer: By saying ‘why do you fall so fast’ the poet means say that the blossoms live for a short period of
time and fade away and fall down within no time.

Q4. Why does the poet compare human life to blossoms.
Answer: The poet compares human life to the blossoms because they also fade away when getting old and
ultimately move into the grave after death. Although they have a longer
life than blossoms but they also die within on time.

Q5. Name some blossoming trees in the state of J&K.
Answer: All those fruit-bearing trees that bear flowers in the month of April, such as apple,pear,cherry and
apricot trees, cherry trees, etc, are the blossoming trees. These trees shed
shed their flowers to give rise to fruits.
Q6. What is ‘pity’ referred to in the second stanza.
Answer: Pity in the second stanza of the poem means the disappointment and is referred to as the withering
away of the blossoms. The poet is disappointed and sorry to say that
Nature has brought the blossoms to die after Showing their worthy life.

Q7. What is personified in the poem.
Answer: Since the poem is about life and death.It may say that life and death both humans and blossoms
are personified in the poem.

Summary of the poem:
The poem To Blossoms has been written by Robert Herrick. In this poem the poet compares human life with blossoms. Blossoms are actually the flowers of a plant or tree that bears fruits. The poet praises these flowers and reminds them Of the
promise of yielding or giving out their life and then go away.The poet questions himself whether the blossoms born to spend an hour Of their happiness and then bid a good night. The poet takes pity on them by saying that nature has only brought the blossoms to show their worthy beauty for a while and then disappear completely ‘ Lovely leaves’ the leaves of a book. Here compares
the leaves of flower to the leaves of a book. Leaves of a flower fall down with the timely growth of fruit. The wants to say that no life lasts forever. A time comes when every life has to glide into the grave. The poet Says that the people will you how things are destined to an after their pride like him for a short span of the time and then move easily into the grave.
In this poem, the poet conveys a meaningful message to the people by comparing the short life of blossoms to human life. A person should be proud of his beauty or strength. Every life has an end. The men come and go but the movement ends.

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